Floren & Cie, producing beautiful high quality bricks since 1896!

Floren & Cie, located in Sint-Lenaarts, has been producing high quality extruded bricks since 1896. Throughout the years, Floren has been modernized intensively, meeting the most stringent environmental and production requirements.


Floren has its own clay pits located near the brickyard. These claypits contain pure Campine clay, which is an excellent basis for strong, non-porous wirecut bricks. This results in a low water absorption of less than 10% for the vast majority of our products, ensuring that our bricks remain beautiful for longer in a natural way.


We have a wide range of more than 90 colours in 11 different sizes. Alongside this wide range, our production remains very flexible. This flexibility can be used for customisation and the development of colours and textures on demand for projects.


Early 2019, the company became part of the Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC Group based in the United Kingdom. The British manufacturer applies the same values of impeccable quality and individualised service, with innovation and sustainability at the heart of its core principles to ensure the steady development of our company.


Floren & Cie
Vaartkant Rechts 4, B-2960 Brecht