Thin bricks and brick slips

For some projects, it is not always possible to use a brick in its normal shape. The insulation compartiment of the walls is becoming more important, or there might be less space for an entire brick available breaking down the outide walls af a building. Floren offers two solutions :


Every brick can be adjusted for thinner walls. Example, a 21x10x5cm³ sized brick can be offered in a 21x7x5cm³ version. Technically, we even can downsize to 5cm.

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For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Slips can be used to obtain the visual aspects of cladding.  We saw stretchers and corner slips of a brick. As a result, the corners of the wall are hidden in the same way as if it had been constructed with original bricks.

Our complete product range can be sawn in slips, in any color or size. As a result, the client is free to choose the brick he prefers.

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